A Pocketful of Healthy Office Snack Ideas

A Pocketful of Healthy Office Snack Ideas

Having a healthy snack during your workdays is a better choice than simply any other snack. The nutrition present in such snacks can help restore and revitalize your energy through the day. Here are some of the simple and best go-to healthy snack choices you can consider having while at work.

Granola Bars

These are often known to be packed full of healthy ingredients and are considered to be one of the best and preferred choices when it comes to having a healthy snack. It is filling without actually being heavy to the stomach and is rich in fibre and proteins. Even the flavours they come in are often healthy ones.

Oatmeal Cookies

While an average chocolate chip cookie can be really yummy, it’s not always the healthiest choice of cookies for an everyday snack. Whereas, oatmeal cookies have the taste and the health benefits such as magnesium, fibre, iron, etc. You can even bake your own oatmeal cookies with delicious ad-ins like honey or cinnamon and keep a batch ready for the week to take to work.


From delicious and colourful juicy berries to sweet and sour citruses, you can never go wrong with fruits as a snack. There are office fruit delivery services that make it easier to get your hands on some healthy fresh fruits. You could even go ahead and have a delicious fruit salad to make the snack all the more interesting and fill it with healthy toppings. Each fruit has its own benefit and advantages.

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Be it plain yogurt or layering it with granola, berries and nuts, they make for a filling and wholesome healthy snack. You could even go ahead and switch to Greek yogurt if that’s more to your liking. Yogurts are brimming with calcium and minerals that helps you feel energized and strengthens your bones.

Baked Chips

Baking as we know, is a healthier form of cooking than frying. Chips taste so much better when baked and comparatively contains a lot less calories. It can be made not just of potatoes, but also healthy yams and other veggies. It’s the perfect guilt free snack that you can treat yourself to during long days at work.

Sunflower or Pumpkin Seeds

These are often snacking that come in packets and can easily be kept on your desk or desk drawer without worries. They’re easy to eat and snack on as you continue and carry on with your work. Be it sunflower or pumpkin seeds, both are healthy choices that contain sources of protein. These are also fun to nibble on.

Dark Chocolate

Treating yourself to dark chocolate as a snack during work is one of the healthiest guilty pleasure you could have. It is a well-known energy booster and is rich in antioxidants. Dark chocolates are also known to improve your brain function and help relieve stress, which makes it just the perfect work snack.

These snacks aren’t just healthy but also can easily be portioned and are convenient to store, order or carry to work.