How to Take Care of Precious Jewellery

How to Take Care of Precious Jewellery

Aren’t we all guilty of not caring enough for jewellery that we know is absolutely priceless and precious? Here are 4 things that all women should try practising when it comes to precious jewellery.

Keep Them Away from Light and Heat

Excessive light and heat from the sun can be quite damaging to jewellery, especially those with gems and precious stones. Most gems require a certain level of moisture to retain their quality and natural state.

Exposure to the sun will take away the moisture, gradually, causing it to wear off slowly and change in appearance. Darkening and discolouration can be an effect of excessive heat and light. Even if you are not sure if a particular piece of jewellery can be damaged this way, it is still best to be kept away, stored in a safe, enclosed place.

Keep them away from Chemicals

Metals and stones can be damaged from exposure to chemicals, perhaps a little more than they do when exposed to heat. Whether yours is gold, silver, plain or stoned, you need to make sure they are kept away from chemicals of any sort. In case you didn’t know, chemicals from your cosmetics, perfume, and nail polish can have damaging effects on your precious jewellery.

Keeping your jewellery close to these items could be one reason why they become tarnished or look discoloured and old. You also need to make sure you remove any fine jewellery before you step into the pool for a swim. This is because of the presence of chemical compounds like chlorine, in pool water that can react with metals and cause some damage.

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Store Them Safely

Almost every woman might be guilty of popping their precious rings and small jewellery into drawers or just leaving it on top of a dresser. This might be the fastest and easiest way in which jewellery can get scratched, damaged, and discoloured. Ideally, you will store your fine jewellery in an especially designed box or pouch that it came in.

These are designed to protect the specific piece the way it should. If you are in need of additional storage for your precious pieces. You may want to take a look at a range of leather boxes and pouchesthat are simply elegant and functional. Look up ‘leather jewellery box Australia’ on the web to find the coolest collections.

Use Safe and Easy Cleaning Methods

In most cases, all you need is some warm water, mild soap, and a brush to clean gems and stones. Just make sure you are gentle and careful as you clean and dry them. Especially when you are dealing with jewellery that has loose stones and little pieces and delicate attachments.

Avoid rubbing vigorously or pressing on the stones too hard. Leave them on a soft, dry towel or cloth and try not to fiddle with it until it’s fully dry. If you think you might be clumsy or just don’t want to take a risk. You might as well hand them to someone who can do a clean job.