Some Unknown and Useful living room Decoration ideas:

Some Unknown and Useful living room Decoration ideas:

Are you fed up with your living room design or planning to move new house soon and want to decorate your living room according to your plan. So before jumping to any conclusion which is confusing and expensive go through the following guidelines for the betterment of your living room design.

1.Selecting colour of your living room according to your mood:

The colours of your living room play important role in case of your social reputation also as guests often visit they get the first impression from the colour of the living room it also effects the owner’s psychological side indirectly like mild or light color gives feelings of refreshment or a soft blue color gives you feelings of coolness. To maintain living room colour balance according to your mood is good idea.

2.Space out in your living room:

It means to organize your living room accessories very well and planned way so that you can have the feeling of space in living room and let the emptiness of the living room speak for itself. Choose a sofa smaller in size; float pieces a little bit away from the walls, mirrors or flower cases, photo frame on the top of glass table which gives you an illusion of more space and set aside all irrelevant showpieces.

3.Add few more plants and aquarium

If you are fond of immediate inclusion of life into your living room, you can opt for various well designed indoor greenery and an aquarium with various colour fishes.

4. Go for a sideboard according to size

If you got a big  LCD TV, it is very difficult to adjust in your living room with its various different electrical connection wires and all plugin, but you can make these more comfortable if you think differently like going for a sideboard choice instead of a TV stand.

5. Try to mix up some personal touch

If you have a passion for designing? Why not try this for your own living room? It will also explore your creative side to others. Adding some paintings or some sculpture or some artistic stuff of your own will be fine. It also reflects your imagination and also gives you satisfaction.

6.Opt for a side table and bin bag

Some people living room contains only the all these usual traditional pieces of furniture and designing tea or coffee table, sofa and table lamp, If you add some side table or a bin bag it will improvise your living room feel the more relaxed way.

7. Decorate with few books

If you are a voracious reader or not but you have a lot of books in your collection then you can use all these for decoration also. You can arrange a side bookshelf in your living room and decorate them with a few books or you can stack them up in your coffee or tea table  which shows your taste for literature

8. Choose proper lighting

If you are using all these traditional designer floor lamps, table lamp convert them into modern designer ones which are very easy now day as various online shopping sites offer

Modern design lights home delivery within a few day.


9. Mix up various design styles

Always try to keep your creative side alive which gives you immense mental satisfaction, you can try to mix up your previous design styles and create a new one.