Tips for Showcasing Towels in the Guest Bathroom

Tips for Showcasing Towels in the Guest Bathroom

Your guest bathroom is more than the functional one; it is also a great way to exercise your creativity and doing something eye-catching style. People often come up with plenty of ideas for most of the components for this room. In one aspect, however, many owners are lacking – this is when it comes to displaying their towels. Typically, most people hang them on a traditional rack or place the clothes in baskets. Here, however, you will find some best ones and new and interesting ways to display such clothes:

Try Different Bars

The typical metal bars can sometimes turn into a quite tired and boring, an outdated style statement. Fortunately, there are several ways to maintain that practical structure but also make it more interesting. A great alternative is rope bars. For this, all you need is a good length, sturdy rope, and several hooks. Now, drill the hooks in at intervals. Tie a knot on both ends of the rope and hang it across the hooks. You now have a new and improved innovative towel bar.

The ideas don’t end here, however. You can also utilize a strong branch that you found in your backyard as a bar too. Just make sure to treat it and varnish it first. You can use two handrail brackets to support the branch. This is all that you need to do to create this effect.

Use it as Accessories

Do you have a Turkish towel or two in your collection or some extra? If you do, you have the perfect decorative piece and may not even think about it. These cloths are typically colorful and beautifully woven so it’s useful. As such, they can double as accessories as well. So, if you have a shelf where you keep scented soaps, do, shells, or other decorations, roll up or neatly fold the clothes and place them there as well. If you want something subtle, make sure that all of these items are of the same color palette. Or, you can choose to mix it up with something a little more eye-catching.

Stash a Ladder in Your Bathroom

You don’t need a rack if you have an old ladder lying around you just need to be a bit more innovative as far as design is a concern. For the best effect, you should try to find a wooden, shorter ladder. This will lend a more rustic feel to the settings. However, metal ladders also work well with modern or minimalistic furnishings too. It is up to you whether you want to paint the ladder or not. Then, it is simply a matter of arranging the clothes on each of the rungs. You are sure to get a lot of compliments on this one from your guests.

Try Doorknobs Instead of conventional Hooks

You’ve probably hung an item or clothing or two off one of your doorknobs surely. Well, this same theory can be applied to towels. Instead of using hooks use doorknobs, it is better to find some antique doorknobs to nail to the wall. Then, hang the clothes from there easily with a unique style.

If you are hanging up your clothes, try tying a pretty ribbon around each one of them. This will also add the effect that you want to create a unique way. Now you can decide what ideas you can utilise in your own home.