4 Essential Tips On How To Maintain Your Men

4 Essential Tips On How To Maintain Your Men

Professionally-designed men’s shoes can always last for decades if good care is maintained.The impression on any well-polished, men’s shoes will always be more profound and better than those dirty and shabby ones. The tips mentioned below should help you to adequately take care of your shoes.

1. You should avoid wearing the same pair of Mens Shoes consecutively two days in a row. You should place the shoes on an open dry place to dry the moisture being absorbed into the leather when worn. It is best to allow the dress shoes to air for more than one day after each wearing; this will prevent possible slow rot from the inside out as well as feet odour.

2. Always use a shoe horn to avoid unwanted line around the heel when putting shoes on. There are two bad habits that destroy the tip at the front of the men’s shoes as well as the top edge of the heels. They are:

a) Usually, men tap the tip of the shoes against the floor so that their heels will slip into the shoe.

b) Another typical action is elongating the top edge of the heels using the fingers to slip the heels in.

So, always use shoe horns when putting on your shoes as a proper habit in caring for men’s shoes. If the shoe horn is not handy, try slipping your heel by bringing it down a handkerchief after removing the threads of your shoes completely. The process of the handkerchief or shoe horn is to allow smooth entry of the heels into the shoe.

3. When your shoes become wet after a heavy down pour. Putting them out to dry on a radiator or near a heat source is a bad habit that may get your shoes destroyed. How? Such actions will cause the leather to crack as well as become more brittle in the future. So, all you need do is to wipe them dry and leave them to dry naturally.

On the other hand, if the shoes contain moisture, then insert newspapers into the shoes to soak up any excess moisture. Remember to insert the shoe trees after a few hours. This will help to strengthen the shape of the shoes. Do not attempt to polish mens shoes when it is wet. If it is only the soles of the shoes that are wet, simply lay them on their sides including those shoe trees inserted.

4. Caring for suede shoes is very simple when compared to leather shoes. The nap of suede shoes can easily be refreshed by using soft-bristled brushes to brush them. It just takes regular brushing and polishing with shoe cream to the edges of the leather soles to adequately care for suede shoes. So, caring for men’s suede shoes has never been easy, especially for those men who do not like polishing their shoes.