A Guide to the Various Types of Recreational Boats

A Guide to the Various Types of Recreational Boats

If boating is your passion and you have decided to splash out on your very own vessel, there is much to consider. Any vessel is going to be a significant investment and you must be sure the vessel is suitable for your needs, and with that in mind, here are some of the different categories of marine vessels for recreation.

Cruiser – This type of boat is designed primarily for comfort, and would be ideal for a slow cruise, stopping here and there to lap up the sun. The deck would be spacious and the fittings suitable for entertaining. Of course, a lot depends on the size of the boat, with some that can accommodate 5 or 6 people for an overnight stay. A cruising vessel can come in many forms, such as a bow rider, which has the main seating area at the bow, and with a V shaped hull, this type of vessel is ideal for a small runaround. Cabin cruisers are larger, slower and can accommodate more people, and are very popular for island hopping and staying out for a few days, and there are established boat dealers in Melbourne with a great range of new and used cruisers for sale.

Fishing Boat – If your passion is fishing then you’ll want a well-equipped boat that is designed for the sport. Some fishing boats are equipped with a special chair for catching big game fish, such as marlin, and these vessels usually accommodate up to 6 people and would have an enclosed cabin with all the necessities for an overnight stop. Centre console vessels are well suited for open ocean angling, and with an open deck, can accommodate 3 or 4 anglers.

Watersports – These are the real power boats, and they have to be, in order to tow a skier or two. Some designs also accommodate fishing, and a small to medium powered outboard, can tow a single skier or wakeboard rider. This type of boat would have a planning hull, allowing it to skip over the water, rather than cut through it, and there are some pure bred skiing boats that have enormous outboard motors and can comfortably tow two skiers.

The above 3 categories of boats can be divided into many sub categories, and it really does depend on your lifestyle and what you expect from a boat. The ideal thing to do is spend a few hours researching online, looking at various vessel types, and don’t forget mooring and storage, as your vessel will need to be maintained. Once you have decided on a style, there are online boat dealers, and with a budget in mind, you can look at a wide selection of new and used vessels before narrowing the choice down to a couple, and then you need to view the boat before making a decision.

If you are not familiar with the inner workings of a boat, it pays to have an expert check out any vessel that you are thinking of buying, and for what it costs, it will give you peace of mind.