Delightful Handmade Jewellary

Delightful Handmade Jewellary

21st-century trends have undergone a sea change from showy jewellery towards a more natural look and handmade jewellery is experiencing a well-deserved upsurge in popularity. Totally contemporary and on trend, the latest handmade women’s jewellery is slick, smart and easy to wear, from a business meeting to a formal dinner or a day in the country.

Deeply committed to eco-awareness and Fair Trade, Elk Fashion Accessories has always been at the forefront of this contemporary design movement. The design aesthetic of partners, Adam and Marnie, is profoundly engaged with Nature and seasonal colours and this underpins every aspect of their unique handmade women’s jewellery online.


There is something true and harmonious about our return to age-old handmade jewellery techniques, which reflects our new appreciation of ethnic cultures. Elk’s inspiration also comes from world travel and the search for previously undiscovered traditional techniques and new crafts.

Unusual skills and original concepts from many out of the way places are integrated into each new collection of Elk’s handmade women’s jewellery to bring fine quality and exclusive new trends to our handmade jewellery online.

Distinctive colours

Today’s fashion colours are based on the natural tints used by our ancestors to make the very first items of attractive handmade jewellery. Distinctive natural colours are beautifully displayed in Elk’s boutique style handmade jewellery online, connecting the wearer to our whole natural environment. There are fresh, leaf-green flat beads, sunset-red cluster necklaces, glossy golden yellow bead bracelets, chestnut bangles, and a rich array of other intense colours to match in handmade jewellery sets and complement your wardrobe.

Elk works with small jewellery workshops where skilled artisans guarantee authentic, high-quality handmade jewellery. Online handmade jewellery from Elk offers a relaxing boutique shopping experience where exclusive trends are constantly emerging from combining the essence of nature with an edgy, contemporary twist.