Designer Handbags: How to Make Your Pick

Designer Handbags: How to Make Your Pick

Some women make the mistake of grabbing any old handbag before leaving the house, but when you consider the time and effort put into planning an outfit, your handbag really shouldn’t be an afterthought. Think of it as the cherry on the cake – the final piece of your outfit to tie everything together, or to add that splash of color or style when wearing a simpler outfit.

There are three important factors that need considering when shopping for designer handbags – keeping these in mind will help you make a smart purchase and perhaps even curb any unnecessary impulse buys. It’s always wise to have a clear idea of what you want before going out on signing in to get shopping.

1. Functionality

This is the most important factor: what are your planning on using this bag for? You need to be practical, so consider the following; is the function of your future bag to:

Be used for a particular event or to match a specific outfit?

Be used when going out to parties, or on a regular everyday basis?

hold your books, laptop or tablet, or gym gear?

A student, for example, may benefit most from a satchel or tote that is large enough to carry books to class, whereas someone looking for a comfortable everyday bag may prefer the messenger style with a strap that crosses over her torso. Neutral colors like shades of browns (tan, camel), blacks (pewter, grey, charcoal) taupe (something between grey and brown) are practical for everyday bags; bright and bold colors are great for making a splash for infrequent occasions and will add some personality to more simple or solid-colored outfits.

2. Size and Shape

Many women also do not realise that just as different dress styles complement differing body shapes, handbags do the same; choosing one that works with your figure takes preference over the latest trend.

If you know what your overall body shape is, then the general rule is to choose a bag that has contrasting figures. For example, curvaceous ladies should avoid rounded shapes in favour of strong angles, whereas as tall and thin women would be better suited with rounded, slouchy bags instead of geometric shapes. Also take care not to go too far – a petite lady could be consumed by a massively oversized bag.

3. Style

Of course, there is nothing wrong with following trends when it comes to fashion handbags as long as you feel confident in knowing what the function is. If you’re attending a wedding or birthday party, then trendy is fun and certainly applies, but if you want a durable bag to last you through your college years, then a timeless classic seems to be a better option. But always keep your personal overall style in mind.

If you set out with a clear idea in mind (and maybe even a helpful friend), you’ll find that buying the perfect handbag is a much easier task, and you’ll feel more satisfied with your end purchase.