How To Get Ready on Time

How To Get Ready on Time

If you have a lot going on for instance of you have to not only get yourself ready but if you also have to get your toddler ready then there are a few tips you could follow to help you get ready on time.

Plan ahead

You may think that planning ahead takes a lot of time and effort however, although it may take up some of your time and energy in the short run, in the long run it could help you save a lot of time and it could help you be punctual. For example, if you plan your outfits to work for the entire work, then that will save you time on deciding what you should wear.

It will also be helpful if you were to iron your clothes the night before work as then all you need to do the next morning is wear the clothes. You will find that this saves you a lot of time in the morning because if not you not only have to worry about getting your child ready for school but you also need to worry about what you are going to wear.


Equipment such as ionic hair dryers can be very useful. If you decide to have a bath before work, it could take time for your hair to dry before you get to work. However, using a dryer will help dry your hair quickly which enables you to go to work without damp hair.


Having the accessories that you want to wear organized neatly on your dresser is important because having accessories and makeup all over the place can not only be time-consuming to look for but it could also be frustrating.

Especially when you are in a rush and when you cannot find something, it can only add to the frustration. This in turn could ruin your mood and could leave you with a bad start to the day. However, when things are organized and easy to find then all you need to do is wear the accessories and put on the makeup which will not take you very long.

Wake up on time

One of the key factors to being on time is waking up early in the morning. No matter how much you planned to prepare the night before if you oversleep this could throw all your plans of having a calm and relaxing morning out the window. Especially when you feel you are crunched for time it can make you panic as you think that you might get late.

In that panic, although you do things in a hurry many things could go wrong. For example, putting on lipstick in a hurry could cause it to go everywhere but on your lips. This will result in you having to spend time removing the makeup only to reapply it again. Dressing in a hurry can also make you forget things such as wearing the pair of heels that you decided to wear.

Instead, you may leave the house wearing shoes you did not want to wear simply because either you forgot or because you did not have the time to put on the shoes that you really wanted to wear. Therefore, setting an alarm and waking up early and on time can be very beneficial.