The Importance of Protecting the Wedding Dress

The Importance of Protecting the Wedding Dress

A ticket to the big day

Have you heard the saying that goes like, we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone? A wedding dress is something like that, a souvenir from the big day. It is a constant reminder of the special event. As a bride, one puts in a lot of effort, time, and money in selecting their dress; thus, it is very dear to them. Thus, seeing the wedding dress will bring back a flood of happy memories from the big day.

Family’s tradition

Wedding dresses are a reflection of a bride’s personality. In most cases, you wouldn’t find another dress like the same. That is due to the custom tailoring, as brides include elements that have a sentimental value to them. They look closely into the design and be very precise with the entire process of personalization.

While some brides keep the dress to themselves as a token of remembrance, many pass it onto their children as a family heirloom, so they can wear it on their special day. It is no surprise to find out these wedding dresses could be made out of precious gemstone and gold, for it to be a treasure for the family.

We spoke about the aftermath of having a dress. Let us now discuss how to get the right dress for your big day.

Tips for bridal dress shopping

It is one of the most happening moments in one’s life. It requires careful planning and basic research. You can visit a Melbourne bridal shop to look for a dress that fits your taste and budget. One must remember to take photos of their idealized dress designs with them when visiting the bridal shop. This would allow the attendants to understand your requirement and suggest the best options for you.

Preferably wear nude colour undergarments. Visible colours could cause a hindrance when finalizing a dress. You should also take your desired heel height, for it will compliment your dress. Having the heels footwear when fitting and trying out the dresses can be a plus point for you. As, it would create a complete look, hence, allowing you to have a better idea of which dress would be ideal.

However, in both cases, whether custom-tailored or readymade; brides tend to store their dresses in a plastic wrap in the cupboard for the longest of time. True, they intend to clean it one day after the big day, but sometimes it is too late when they finally do. It is not recommended to leave the dress in a plastic cover, unchecked for a long period of time.

If you are wondering why? Here is the reason. It will cause oxidation of marks and stains, and besides that, can cause plastic fuming which could negatively impact the dress. It can lead to the discoloration of the material, eventually, leaving a faded dress behind. It could be a nightmare for those who spent heavy money on making the dress.