Ways to Keep Yourself Warm in Winter

Ways to Keep Yourself Warm in Winter

Warmth is an essential need for humans and with winter approaching you have to be prepared for the weather and keep yourself cosy. The downside of turning the radiator heat high is the expensive bill that comes with it. Listed below are few ways you can keep yourself warm in the winter while also saving money.

Check for drafts

Proper insulation of the home is necessary to retain heat inside the house. So first check all your windows to see if there is any cold air coming inside. This could be easily done by running your hand along the window or you could do the flame test.

Bring a lighted candle and move them along the window and if you see flickering of the flame this indicates draught. Before you carry out this test make sure to remove all the curtains or any flammable material. Once you have identified the draught, invest in proper insulation. Although this may cost a bit more it would be very useful in the future.

Dress properly for the weather

You can keep yourself warm by dressing up appropriately for the weather. This is one of the easiest ways of keeping yourself warm. Layer up, wear long sleeve clothing and get some thick clothes and wear them at home. If your head is getting cold you can also wear a hat at home. If you’re looking for warm items like wool throws Australia has many stores you can visit.

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You can wrap yourself up in bed or while you lie in your couch. Wear sweaters and to keep your foot warm wear wool socks and also slippers at home. Although you might find it a bit weird it would make all the difference. Another thing to keep in mind is to change your socks because when the feet sweat the sweat can in turn make your feet cold.

Heat up the bed

There are electric blankets available, so you can turn off the heater in the house and use this when you sleep. But the downside of this is the danger of electrical injury a much safer way is to use a hot water bottle to heat up the bed.

Fill a bottle with hot water before you go to bed and place it between the bed and the sheet. By the time you go to sleep the bed will be all warm. Another way is to heat rice, put rice in a fleece cover and microwave for a few minutes and then place it on the bed and this will stay warm for a long time.

Use the sun

Sun can naturally warm the house, during the day time open the curtains and let the sunlight in. but at night don’t forget to close the curtain. The curtain would work as an insulator preventing cold air from coming in at night.

Keep yourself active

It is natural to become lazy and wrap oneself in a blanket during winter. Engaging in physical activity of any sort will elevate the heart rate and keep you warm.