What to Consider When Selecting a Jeweller

What to Consider When Selecting a Jeweller

Selecting the right jeweller is important when it comes to buying any type of jewellery. Reputable jewellers in Melbourne and across the world are known for specialising in custom jewellery, repair, restoration and maintenance. With the right jeweller, you can design your dream jewellery piece and even turn grandma’s eccentric ring into a timeless necklace. They can also assist with unique engagement rings that are especially tailored to the bride.

Before you book in for a consultation with jewellers in Melbourne, it’s important to put the provider through a considered research process so that you can be completely sure you’re left with the best choice. Here’s what to look for as you start to explore the local jewellers Melbourne has to offer.


Knowing a jeweller’s experience will allow you to properly understand whether they’re capable of the outcome you’re after in terms of style, taste and structure. They’ll be able to showcase their experience and relevant exposure in a few different ways. Whether you ask for a creative portfolio of their best jewellery work or you investigate their overall reputability online, their experience and professionalism should always be the first thing you look for.

Established jewellers in Melbourne will usually be happy to offer you a portfolio of their most successful and impressive jewellery pieces. On top of helping you to understand how experienced and knowledgeable the jeweller is, their portfolio can also give you an indication of their natural style and taste so that you can decide whether they’re the right choice.

Commitment and Enthusiasm

When you meet with your jeweller for the first time, carefully observe their behaviour, including the passion they show towards their work and your ideas. If a jeweller is generally excited about your jewellery, whether it’s a custom design or you’re looking for a specific material, their excitement should be reflected in this first consultation. As you discuss your desires and ask about particular requirements, you should be able to gauge whether this is a true passion of theirs by the types of questions they ask and whether they appear to be enthusiastic.

You should also identify whether or not they ask you relevant questions so they can work towards delivering the best jewellery piece. The best jewellers in Melbourne will be thorough in their designs and collaborations with you in order to achieve the best result.

Flexibility and Care

Jewellers in Melbourne that are reliable and worth forming a relationship with should be able to offer you a wide range of different diamonds, metals, designs and choices in your jewellery. This means that you’ll have ultimate flexibility in what you design and develop. From the dream diamond for your engagement ring through to a high-quality sterling silver for a bracelet you’ve always dreamt of, a good jeweller will be able to make it happen. They’ll also handle the creation, maintenance, altering or repair of your jewellery with the utmost care. This is one of the many reasons why people often opt for local jewellers in Melbourne rather than the likes of chain jewellery stores. Your ideas and your jewellery should be taken seriously, and a local, passionate jeweller will ensure this in their work.