Why You Need a Wishes Box for Your Wedding

Why You Need a Wishes Box for Your Wedding

You might have heard of brides opting for a wishes box for their wedding. You might think this is something that you would not need during your wedding and it is really depending on your preference. But, since there are numerous reasons why you need to have one, read the list below to see whether it is something that would serve an integral purpose to your wedding.

Wishes box holds wedding note cards

The main purpose of a wedding wishing well box is to hold wedding note cards where your guests write their special wish for you and your partner. This could be a different alternative to a guest book if you want to have something different for your wedding.

You could even opt to have wedding note cards in each table in your wedding reception for your guests to write on before the start of the wedding program. With this, they would not wait for one guest to finish writing their wishes on a guest book. Some guests might not be willing to wait their turn writing on the guest book and might skip it altogether. At least, with wedding note cards, your guests would be able to write on them when they want to.

Wishes box also holds monetary gifts

There are some couples who prefer to receive monetary gifts instead and if this is also what you want to happen during your wedding, wishes boxes are also perfect vessels to keep your monetary gifts. These boxes are made to be secured and safe that you would not need to worry about someone with sticky hands trying to help themselves to your wedding gifts. Even if you are busy with all the festivities and entertaining your guests, the box would be able to safeguard the gifts that your sponsors and guests wholeheartedly give you and your partner as seed money for your future together.

Wishes box could help you prepare thank you cards after the wedding

After the wedding and honeymoon, you have to remember to send thank you cards after. Imagine if you only have to rely on your memory with the who’s who of your guests. Imagine if you invited 300 people and all of them came. Would you be able to recall 300 names? If the answer is no, don’t fret since wishes box would come to your rescue.

Remember the wedding note cards? Not only would these note cards be used for the guests to express their happiness to your union and to give you their wedding advices, you would also be able to remember who came to your wedding. It could be your reference when you start writing those thank you cards. Pay particular attention to your guests who did not forget to bring you a wedding gift.

You might think a wedding wishes box is something that you could do without. But with these uses, you must have one for your wedding. It does not need to be something extravagant. In fact, if you are creative enough, you could even do one yourself!