Various Style of Living Room Would Dazzle You

Various Style of Living Room Would Dazzle You

Are you bored of seeing your same living room, So we have the solution if you need to refresh your living room? What kind of design do you want for your dream living room? Do you like the  Scandi style or The cosines of Danish   Hygge? Or you can try an eclectic mix of colour, texture with the suitable pattern? Whatever is your preference, the style and design of your living room play an important role in your home.

A unique design and style of living  room is very important whether you came back from hectic office work  for relax or having a chat with a friends who came to your house after a long span of time or you want to relax and want to have some sip of coffee mug with a popular storybook or you want to make yourself entertained by watching tv.

We analyze from the various people across the globe to gain the idea of their ideal living room decor. From boho-chic to classic to colourful, we have all the ideas you need to create the perfect heart for your home.

Various reviews are given below:

Bohemian Living Rooms


Boho chic at its best, this beautiful living room belongs to Mrs Marie and she loved it, actually she adores the entire house. Understanding homely feelings, here it is more about giving meaning to your home than showing only some collection of vintage pieces or showcasing stuff. With its neutral tones, white colour walls, real earthy materials it has a serene feel to it, yet it would totally withstand kids playing around while you try and chill on your sofa or catch up with pals and have coffee!.To me, that is what an ideal living room should be. It should be about living beautifully.

I’m a board minded at heart, so this eclectic, bohemian living room is the very much ideal place to relax for me. To see certain kind of bohemian stuff into living room decor, layer it with lots of books, curiosities from your travels and things that just make you delighted the perfect decorative accessories. Temper the liveliness with a few bigger, bolder pieces for some calmer elements in the room, like the sofa and neutral coloured walls. To bring it all to life again, nature knows best this doesn’t always mean pot plants but can be anything from a huge hunk of a tree as a tea or coffee table with a bamboo hanging chair.



Scandinavian Living Rooms

I think the living room should be more than just a comfy and relaxing zone it also needs to have space for others functions also where an owner can really show their style with creativity. For me, most important aspect is a comfy sofa and extra seats for guests, but a large rug, accent cushions and lighting can also brighten up the dullest of rooms. I love the neat clean, white coloured background and the mixture of texture with a yellow colour in this Scandi living room arrangement. The additional art of wall and fireplace is the cherry on top!


What I most prefer about this huge living space is the combination of industrial and Scandinavian art style. There are so many versatile aspects throughout this room decor which create a very inspiring and interesting image. Raw and soft and easy go hand in hand with dark colours and light accents. Not to mention the playful touches like the climbing rope, the rocking chair and mixture of cushions on the couch and to finish it all, a movable palette with greens. This room is a burning example where masculinity meeting femininity to create a warm and clean living room.

Colorful Living Rooms

When I came across this room it instantly caught my attention for its unusual colour combinations mix and an unconventional use of paint.